Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Converte MP3 files to AMR using Mobile Media Converter

I had a CD of Full Quran in a very nice voice and qirat. The size of the whole 114 MP3 files was 571 MB. In old days we had 6-7 Audio CD's; thankx to MP3 format; that reduced the full Quran in only 1 CD.

Problem was that; one of my friends needed to have that Qirat in his mobile. mmm... its very larg space to fit in 512 MB of mini SD with other stuff.

Q: How to reduce the size
Ans: Convert to AMR format for Mobile.

Solution::: I searched for converter from MP3 to AMP. Many software but all limited by license. I searched for freeware and finally found very nice software "
Mobile Media Converter". You can download by clicking on it.

If you've any problem in downloading or using leave me a comment; I'll positively reply you.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Download YouTube Videos directly to your HDD.

Very nice and small video downloader from Youtube/ google and other web sites.
download it from here
just copy the link of video.
you can also convert it to other video / audio formats.

LINUX users can run this application in Wine (Windows Emulator)

Upload YouTube videos directly from your desktop

This is a very nice tool to upload YouTube Videos directly form your desktop.
its 60 days trial version. I've not seen how much this costs.

I've uploaded 2 videos with it and its very handy to run.
you can download it from here

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