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HP Integrated Lights-Out

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This article is about HP computer server technology. For other uses, see ILO.

Integrated Lights-Out, or iLo, is an embedded server management technology exclusive to Hewlett-Packard but similar in functionality to the Lights out management (LOM) technology of other vendors.

iLO makes it possible to perform activities on an HP server from a remote location. The iLO card has a separate network connection (and its own IP address) to which one can connect via HTTPS. Possible options are:

  • reset the server (in case the server doesn't respond anymore via the normal network card)
  • power-up the server (possible to do this from a remote location, even if the server is shut down)
  • take over the screen
  • mount remote physical CD/DVD drive or image.
  • access the server's IML (Integrated Management Log)
  • remote console (in some cases however an 'Advanced license' maybe required for some of the utilities to work)

iLo is useful as an out-of-band management technology. The physical connection is an Ethernet port that can be found on most Proliant servers of the 300 and above series. This port can be enabled using the set-up utility which can be accessed with the F8 key during POST. In this screen an IP can be assigned via DHCP or static. It is also important to create a user so this utility can be accessed. Once the configuration has been done it has to be saved and the server needs to be restarted. To access the utility, be sure that a cable is connected to the iLo port on the back of the server. The iLo IP can be entered in the address bar of any web browser and a login screen will be shown; put the username and password that has just been created.

iLo provides some other utilities like virtual media (CD, floppy), virtual power and a remote console. iLo is always embedded on the System Board.

There also is a PCI expansion card available for HP servers that supports iLO. It's usually called RILOE. There is a RILOE II as well. The iLo 2 is currently available for some server models, such as the BL465c. For some of the 100 series servers and the smaller 300s that is the prime Lights out option, which has a kind of IML and limited functions.

Version 1.60 introduced the "iLO Shared Network Port" that allows remote system management to take place over the system NIC instead of the dedicated management port. This saves valuable ports in high density areas but it is limited to some specific servers. According to the Revision History for iLO version 1.60 A, "iLO Shared Network Port" is available on DL360 G4, ML370 G4, and DL380 G4. The current version for Proliant servers is version 1.89, released 5 December 2006.

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HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO)

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HP Integrated Lights-Out

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