Wednesday, December 19, 2007

VMware with Virtual Network Switch

I was running Ubuntu in my VMware (Virtual Machine Ware).But to communicate between the Real and Virtual Machines I had to connect my Real Network card to a switch. But I didn’t have one :(

Click on pictures to see the larger picture.
As in my last article How to make your own network cable. I used a technique:
I always keep a cross cable with me in my Notebook bag. I saw in my drawer there was an I/O (Avaya) that was taken out from the office of UNICEF when we were doing cabling of their new office at Karachi. I took that and shorted connection 1 with 3, and connection 2 with 6. That is used in cross cable.
See pictures of how I connected the real and virtual machines. And closer look at the network I/O gradually :)

That’s how it is connected

And it worked. Both my real and Virtual Machines they’ve found a network cable connected.

I gave IP’s to both of them and enjoyed communicating between the two machines.

A more clear and closer look.

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